Benefits of Hair Care Bars

Benefits of Hair Care Bars

There are many benefits to hair care bars from environmental to health. One being that liquid shampoos contain harsh sulfates that can strip hair of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and stiff. Hair care bars are made of natural ingredients that leave hair feeling soft and enriched. This is just one of the benefits.

Keep reading to learn more of the many benefits of hair care bars and make the switch!

One of the many benefits of hair care bars are that they reduce waste. While liquid shampoos and conditioners are confined to a plastic bottle that will eventually end up in a land fill, shampoo and conditioner bars do not require plastic containers.  Additionally, Beach Babe Body Products uses biodegradable packaging, going a step further than other natural body care products.

Going along with reducing plastic waste, many liquid shampoos and conditioners contain micro-plastics. Micro-plastics are microscopic pieces of plastic that can be found in food, drink, etc. Over the years, these micro-plastics have become more common place in our products and we are unconsciously ingesting them. The micro-plastics found in liquid shampoos and conditioners can be absorbed through our pores and enter our bodies.

Hair care bars are longer lasting than their liquid counterparts. While liquid shampoo last between 40-50 washes, shampoo bars between 80-100 washes. On average shampoo bars last 40-50 washes more, creating more time between shampoo and conditioner purchases. This, in turn, reduces waste in yet another way.  

Hair care bars are more environmentally friendly, better for you and your wallet compared to their liquid counter parts. Make the switch to hair care bars for a happy, healthier you and a happy, healthier planet.

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