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About Us

In 2015, Beach Babe Body Products began with a desire to find beauty products that were all natural, effective, and smelled great.

The name Beach Babe comes from the natural beauty and resources of the sea, and the best of scents it has to offer, such as coconut, vanilla, and tropical fruits. Our fragrances are clean, fresh, sexy, and addicting.




Previous to Beach Babe Body Products, this was difficult to find. All-natural products can be expensive, and most seem to be thin and watered-down, which take away from the effectiveness of the product. Plus, most scents are extremely undesirable.




We want you to love your skin, and we want your daily haircare and skincare rituals to be as luxurious and guilt-free as possible.

Beach Babe Products begin with high-quality ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and fruit extracts. Our products are full of moisturizing anti-oxidants that softens your skin and actually reverses the damages of “chemical” products and our harsh environment.




Our customers are women (or men) of any age, any skin or hair type, who wish to retain a youthful, healthy glow, diminish and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, who care about their health, and preserving the natural planet.

Beach Babe delivers immediate results- healthy, shiny skin and hair the natural way. Once you’re a Beach Babe, you’ll never want to go back!