These balls are big business..find out why for free!

Millions of bath bombs are made around the world every year. This is a billion dollar industry! Have you ever wondered what makes these so special? Now is the perfect time to find out because we are giving away one free by entering "BATHBOMBS" at the checkout. Its a great time to treat yourself during the stressful holiday season. Supplies are limited and promotion end 11-30-15. Shipping rates and taxes apply.

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Exfoliation 101

Beauty Blog

Welcome to the Beach Babe Beauty Blog! Since we are approaching the much colder months (where we are much more covered up) I would like to touch on an important skin care regiment that often gets overlooked, especially this time of year-exfoliation.  Exfoliation 101… What is exfoliation? Your skin is made up of three layers: the hypodermis, dermis, and epidermis. New skin cells are created in the dermis and shed from the epidermis. Exfoliation is simply removing the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing a turnover of fresh new healthy ones. This process keeps the skin smooth and healthy, clean,...

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Get Your Beach Babe Body Products

Check out our new line of Beach Babe Body Products!

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