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Rain Forest Conditioner Bar

Rain Forest Conditioner Bar

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Rainforest Conditioner Bar for Dry/Damaged Hair

Even though this bar is good for everyone, it’s specifically design to help add moisture to dry hair and to help heal damaged hair.
It’s made with the same beneficial ingredients as my other big bars, but with added ingredients to make this bar close to a miracle shampoo. I added Argan oil, aloe, and açaí oil to make your hair soft, shiny, and manageable.

This bar is inspired by the Costa Rican rainforest. I hesitated in calling it “Rainforest” since I’ve seen a lot of other products have that name attached to a cheap floral fragrance. If you have ever had the privilege of visiting a rainforest, that does not represent the true beauty of the scent at all.
The rainforest is dark, cool and humid. It smells woody and mossy. Sometimes you catch a slight floral scent from the Ylang Ylang trees, or a fruity scent from the Cocoa trees. The air is fresh, clean, and one of the only places on Earth you can smell nature in the truest form.

I have tried to capture the beauty and mystique of this magical place with an essential oil blend of bergamot, cinnamon, orange, vanilla, lemon, and anise.

It’s a softer scent, but blends together perfectly to form a very rich and unique combination that reminds me of the time I spent there years ago.

Ingredients: Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Rapeseed Oil), Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Acai Oil, Aloe, Argan Oil, Glycerin, Olive Oil, essential oil for fragrance, jojoba oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Vitamin E

1.5 ounces
Cruelty Free
Comes in a compostable/biodegradable bag
Sugar cane label

Keep out of standing water and away from shower stream to prolong life of bar. Should last 3-6 months depending on frequency of use and length of hair.


1. Apply directly to all of your hair, including your scalp since it also benefits your hair follicles and skin health.
2. Keeping rubbing the bar into your hair until you feel it "relax". A wide tooth comb can also help spread the conditioner over every strand.
3. If your hair is longer, you can rub the bar all over your hair and let it sit for a few minutes until your hair "relaxes". This also helps prolong the life of the bar.
4. While still in the shower, you should be able to run your fingers through your hair without any tangles. This is how you know that you have conditioned enough.
5. If you still have tangles, you did not use enough conditioner so you need to repeat the process again.

For the wonderful newbie who is just trying the conditioner bar-Welcome! :)
This conditioner bar is much different from the bottled conditioner. I still remember the horrible days (years ago) of accidentally over conditioning with the bottled stuff. My hair would feel gross all day! The good news is that you cannot over condition with this bar! Ever!
The biggest mistake that people make when they first start using these is not using enough. Your hair will take what it needs, and the rest rinses clean. You will never have a feeling of weighed down hair again. It will feel soft, healthy, and manageable.
But make sure you completely coat every strand, including your scalp, and that you have no tangles before leaving the shower :)


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